If you took a look at my blog from the very beginning, you would see that I made some stuff. If you took a look recently, you would think that I haven’t made a single painting in over a year! That, thankfully, is not an accurate depiction of what has happened. I have done a TON of work, even maybe too much for what has happened.


I can’t remember if I have said this yet, but this past year has been a trial. I’ve had two very stressful things happen: moving (my personal version of hell) and loss of family members (three in about a year). Those are two of the top most stressful items that can happen! As a result, I have changed. Not better or worse, just different. My direction for where I want my art and business also have changed. You will start seeing more than just bridal portraits with glamorous women which I still adore. You’ll see some quotes, some pets, a little of everything. I’m allowing myself to be a little more organic with whatever I want to paint. Some days it may be Valentino, some days it will be just flowing watercolor. I will also being showing you items “From the Archives”, items from past weddings I’ve painted, commissioned work, etc.


I appreciate you all continuing to go along this journey with me. Let’s see where I wander!