Since joining the wedding industry, I have become more certain that a wedding planner is a necessity.  Yes, you are creative. Yes, you could do this yourself, but having that professional support makes all the difference on the day of the wedding. But instead of hearing why I believe this, check out these amazing women below who believe in what they do!

Allison Butcher

For Peace of Mind As Your Representative

Why hire a wedding planner? The answer is simple! Peace of Mind. As a wedding planner, I like to explain that throughout the process and throughout the entire wedding weekend, I am onsite to be their eyes and ears, the family representative, the decision maker. While they are off having their hair and makeup done, enjoying the day, they have the peace of mind knowing that someone is in the room fighting for them and their vision. If the florist shows up with purple flowers instead of white, I am there to correct it. When the band is not on site when initially planned, I am making the call to the band manager to figure out the issue. All the while, the client is still blissfully sipping mimosas not knowing any different. I will say that those situations do not happen often, but again, Peace of Mind that if it does happen, I am there to handle it.

This, inadvertently, brings me to another reason why you should hire a wedding planner. Vendor Referrals. We have a list of professional vendors in the industry. Not people that pay to be on our list, but a tried and true list of  vendors that consistently provide a beautiful product and a consistent performance for our clients. You can plan down to the last sequin but sometimes things just do not go exactly according to plan. Mother nature, stomach bug, traffic delays, power outage, the list goes on. When you have all the right vendors in your corner, we are always two steps ahead, already shifting in to Plan B without hesitation often times before it even crosses your mind that a Plan B (or C or D…) was needed! Having been a bride, I want every one of my clients to feel the way I did on my wedding day, peaceful and happy!   

-Allison Butcher, Keely Thorne Events



Natalie Dawley Portrait

 Liability Insurance For The Perfect Day

Having a wedding planner assist you throughout the entire planning process is a luxury service, but the day of planner is a necessity. We liken day of execution to liability insurance. It’s a protection of your time, monetary investment, and your overall experience. A planner’s day of role is to oversee that all of the vendors involved provide the client with an excellent service by upholding their end of an agreement. It’s the planner’s responsibility to execute the event exactly the way it was planned by the bride and groom.
-Natalie Dawley, Two Be Wed




ChrstinDPSquareAllows You And Your Family To Enjoy The Wedding

There are several reasons why a bride and groom need to hire a wedding planner, but let me just highlight a few. This is the day you have always dreamed of and you want the day to be executed flawlessly. A wedding planner will reduce the stress associated with your big day by managing ALL of the details from conception to completion. From full service planning, including vendor and venue selection, sending out invites, to day-of-coordinating, a wedding planner can mitigate the stress and anxiety of these time consuming tasks. It will also relieve your friends and family of having to perform these duties and allow them to actually be what you want them to be: a GUEST at your wedding.   A wedding planner will also possess valuable connections with reputable vendors. We have worked and vetted a broad range of vendors and make recommendations based on the quality of service they provide, which will save you the hassle of doing this research on your own. You may ask yourself, why not use the venue’s coordinator?  Your wedding planner provides complete planning and execution of your occasion, while most venues will only manage their details and your wedding might be one of many events occurring that day. Hiring a wedding planner will be a decision you will not regret!

-Christin McMillan, Dakota Piper Events


Check each of these wonderful women out on their respective websites!  I have been to events that these women individually coordinated and I can attest to their style, taste, and wonderful personalities. Hiring a wedding planner was the one thing I wish I had done differently for my wedding, at least the day of.  A wedding planner is the embodiment of Philippians 2:4, “Do not merely look out for your personal interests, but look out for the interests of others”.  Don’t you want that person on your side during your wedding, allowing your family to be able to enjoy themselves? Thank you to each of these women for enlightening us on the better reasons to hire a wedding planner!