The most disappointing weddings I have ever been to were ones that didn’t feel like the couple getting married.  I went to a wedding of a friend and her husband who were both fun and outgoing with lots of personality, while the wedding was bland and unmemorable.  There were other weddings I went to that were also simple, but that described the couple, which made it perfect.


So how does a bride make sure that her wedding accurately reflects herself and fiance?  Check out these tips below!


Take Account Of You As A Couple

Before starting the wedding planning process, sit down with your fiance and describe you as a couple in a few words, such as “fun, loves to play board games, outdoors every weekend”. You can then take those words and apply them to your wedding!  For “fun”, you could make sure to show only silly of you two during the slideshow, or for “loves to play board games” could have a stack of your favorite to play when people need a break from dancing.  You could even take this a step further and ask close friends or family how they would describe you.  Then make those words the “theme” of the celebration!


Figure Out Your Priorities

What are the items that are most important to you both at the wedding?  Make those items really reflect you.  That way, the smaller details don’t have to matter as much.  You could spend a lot of time planning out your first dance to something fun, while not worrying so much about the flowers. Let the small decisions go – don’t spend your valuable time and money on things that are not important to you.


Be Assertive

Oh, family.  We love them, but they can drive us nuts.  Too often I hear of brides whose weddings get “hijacked” by someone, be it their own family or their new one.  They mean well, but they end up being the main driving force of the wedding. You are perfectly capable of being assertive with what you want without being a pushover or bully. Not only does this ensure that you will be the center of the wedding, but it sets a good precedent of how people treat you going forward. Later on in the Tip Thursday series we will discuss this further, so stay tuned!


Use What Your Momma Gave You (Or You Bought)

Finding new decorations for your wedding is fine, but how about saving that money and using things you already own? If you both love to travel, why not include that painting of a zebra that hangs in your living room? Or if you both went to the same college, use your pendant and yearbook on the photo table. You could even borrow props from your family!  Be creative with what you already own, and be mindful about what you purchase as it can be used in your new home as decor.


Too often we get caught up in making our weddings “unique”. I hear many wedding planners say that is the word that most brides throw around but end up spending time on small, unimportant things.  Forget trying to make your wedding too trendy or unique.  You and your fiance are unique as a couple, so why not reflect you both?  If you do, I guarantee your guests will have a wedding they won’t forget!