Tip Thursdays


5 Tips To Enjoy Planning Your Wedding

Welcome to the newest installation to Bridal Watercolors Blog, Tip Thursdays!  Each Thursday we will bring you some helpful tips for those involved in a wedding, from guests to the bride.


Planning a wedding can be stressful.  One of the first questions asked to brides is, “How is the wedding planning?”, and by that they mean, “How stressed are you while planning the wedding?” As a person who is very Type-A, I can become stressed out by the smallest of details, but I somehow enjoyed planning my wedding. Here are some of my secrets.


Pick and choose what you want to focus on

Different brides have different priorities.  At my wedding, I wanted excellent photographs and a cake that was delicious. I went to several bakeries and asked many questions, while with the flowers I went to one place and told them what I wanted, and let them have a lot of creative control.  The other details were important, but I spent less time on them and was able to move on to other tasks.  Prioritize your “To Do” list.


Get those friends a-workin’

Many dear friends of mine who were not in my wedding came up to me while I was planning my wedding and said they would love to help where they could.  I’ve offered to help friends who were overburdened, but they rarely take me up on that offer because they don’t want to bother me.  Balderdash!  I offered to help and I mean it.  Give those friends the minor tasks on your to do list that aren’t as crucial, and just be specific as to what you want.  I remember spending a lot of time researching different vendors, and having someone else do the research for me would have been a great help.


Just make a decision

I asked a good friend of mine recently if her large wedding that took 18 months to plan was stressful.  She said no! She reasoned that she didn’t waffle with decision making.  Many brides become stressed when they have too many good options, and can’t decide where to spend their money, time, etc.  Making a decision confidently will significantly reduce stress level, not only in letting go of that stress but also because one thing is done!


Take the things that go wrong in stride

Problems will happen.  The last wedding I painted many things went wrong.  The day before the wedding the bride’s brother forgot his tuxedo pants.  The day of the wedding the band cancelled.  Despite the possibility of someone going down the aisle pant-less and dancing to an invisible band, the problems were resolved in time for the wedding!  In the moment the situation can seem overwhelming, but remember that it will eventually be a great story.  At least everyone will be wearing pants!


Choose to enjoy the process

If you find yourself continually dreading planning your wedding, be intentional about enjoying the planning.  Be sure to have non-wedding planning date nights with your fiancé.  Surround yourself with positive people who make life better rather than those draining your energy.  Celebrate with every little decision made! Romans 12:12 says, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”. This can also be applied to planning your wedding.  Go to the Lord with your worries, frustrations, and stressors, and I guarantee he will comfort your heart.