Isn’t she adorable?  She had all her Christmas shopping done early. My husband seemed to get most of the shopping done and somehow I’ve procrastinated and haven’t shopped for him at all. Confession: I am the WORST present wrapper.  As a highly skilled and meticulous artist, you would think that I would wrap a present perfectly, with the bow done just right and perfectly balanced color scheme.  Wrong!  I wrap presents like a drunken sailor who has never heard of wrapping before.  My husband could be a professional present wrapper, they are beautiful enough for Pinterest!  I guess this is a portrayal of me holding the presents my husband wrapped. Yeah, we’ll go with that.


This has been a crazy year for me. To be perfectly honest, this has been the absolute hardest year of my life.  There are parts that I’d like to forget and parts I’d like to savor, but all of it contributes to who I am as a person and an artist.  As I look forward to next year, I will be doing business a little differently.  I will come back to the blog-o-sphere, learn some new skills to push the business forward, and become more connected with my followers.  I want my business to be a force for good, not something that just pays the bills.  I went into business to not only to create, but to impact, and because of circumstances (which I will discuss next year) I have lost a little of my fire for my art. Some of it has come back but now it looks differently, and I can’t wait to see where my watercolor heads next year.  I am SO looking forward to 2016!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!