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I was a bridesmaid at a dear friend’s wedding about a month ago, and the bride hired Jennifer Trotter of Lip Service Makeup to do my makeup. I was not thrilled, because I don’t generally like how others do my makeup, but I was polite and kept my trepidation to myself.  I figured I would have to go behind her to fix whatever I didn’t like because I’ve had to do that before. However, Jennifer did such an amazing job that I asked her to share her tips with wedding day makeup! She is incredibly talented and knowledgable.  She shares insider tips that helps you stay beautiful and stress free on your wedding day!


Jennifer Trotter is a professional makeup artist based in Fort Worth, TX.  She has been a fixture in the industry for over 23 years! These days, her work can be seen on popular blogs such as Wedding Chicks, Style me Pretty and How to Be a Redhead, as well as in wedding publications including 360West Wedding, Brides of North Texas, and Borrowed and Bleu….and of course on the faces of lovely brides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Jennifer’s signature is her amazing before/after transformations (posted daily on social media and her blog) that demonstrate the power of a little makeup!


There are a lot of wedding tips you read in blogs or bridal magazines … dresses, venues, florals, etc., but wedding day beauty isn’t a topic that’s covered in that much detail.  I’ve been a professional makeup artist for 23 years, specializing in weddings for the last 19.  I love weddings; I love my brides and bridesmaids….the whole experience is so fun!  I’m honored to create beautiful bridal looks for nearly 60 weddings each year, and these insider tips are gleaned from real experiences and real weddings.  My goal for you in reading this article?  To utilize my years of “behind the scenes” experience to make YOUR big day fun and stress free!

  • Hydration is Key – Drink as much water as you can!  Wedding stress and pre-wedding festivities can really affect your level of hydration, and being dehydrated can really affect your skin, your breath, and your energy level. Moisturize and use plenty of lip balm, especially in the few weeks right before the wedding, and plenty of moisturizer and lip balm every night before bed.  You’d be surprised how many brides miss details like this in the busy phase of wedding planning and wind up with dry skin and chapped lips on wedding day!

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  • The Perils of Tanning – Be VERY cautious with tanning pre-wedding…with real sun, tanning beds and even spray tan.  There is no way to fix sunburned strap marks, big white marks from sunglasses on your face, or worse….a burn that is now peeling. I’ve seen brides dealing with all three, and really regretting their decision to just “get a little color” before the wedding!  With spray tan, brides have had to suffer through the strong smell, overly orange hands and feet, and orange marks on their wedding dresses.  I’ve also had brides with a very pale face and very tan body who’ve just assumed this can be fixed with makeup…it can’t.  I can only warm up your skin and add bronzer to a certain level before it looks really strange or requires super heavy, packed on product.  If you’ve tanned (real or fake) a hundred times and feel certain about the results you’ll get, than it might be worth the risk.  If you normally don’t…then please skip it, it’s not worth the wedding day stress it can cause!


  • Brow 101 – Super important!  Please make sure everyone is waxed, tweezed or threaded ahead of time.  Waxing, in particular, should be done at least a week out to avoid a demarcation line and to ensure there is no redness.  I can’t speak for other artists, but I will definitely be happy to tweeze errant strays if someone forgets or missed a few!  Great brows are essential to a fabulous makeup look, so I take care of that before applying any color cosmetics.  But… let’s face it, a total brow shaping for each person is not only time consuming (cuts into makeup time!), but there’s a risk of redness, irritation and eye watering, so it’s much easier to handle earlier in the week.
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  • Let’s Get Ready– Determine your wedding day prep location and discuss the timeframe with your makeup artist.  Do not assume you can use your venue, as each venue has very different requirements and yours may not allow access early enough, or may not have enough space for you and your girls to get ready.  Makeup can be done at a venue bridal room, a nearby hotel, or a private home.  Choose whatever location will be easy, comfortable for you and your girls and provides enough space.  Ask your artist how much time they need to complete each person….it should be between 30-45 minutes per person depending on the size of your group and if your artist has an assistant.  If they are getting hair done professionally, you’ll want to ensure your hair and makeup person coordinate efforts as well.  Don’t set up hair or makeup in the bathroom!  There isn’t enough counter space and over the course of several hours people will need to USE the bathroom…it just doesn’t work.  I bring my own chair and my own lighting, I just need a table, desk or countertop and I’m good to go.


  • Food and Drinks During Prep Time – if you’ll be getting ready for a few hours or more, you’ll want to arrange for food and drinks so that everyone can stay hydrated and nobody gets cranky (hangry!).  I’ve seen everything from a fancy catered lunch to drinks in a cooler and bags of snacks to takeout pizza….whatever suits you and your girls is fine!  Your girls will appreciate having munchies during that time, and it’s a good way to ensure that you (the bride!) doesn’t forget to eat.  Be sure to take it easy on mimosas, champagne and other alcoholic drinks….I’ve really never seen brides or bridesmaids get drunk during prep time, but I’ve seen them get headaches or “day drinking” sleepy before the ceremony.
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  • Scheduling – Please decide who is going to have makeup done when, particularly if not everyone is arriving at the same time.  For large groups, it’s very important that as soon as one girl is finished, the next girl is ready to go so that your artist can stay on schedule.  Be sure each person has clean skin with makeup removed, teeth have been brushed, texting finished, etc before your turn….all are little things that can add up to a big delay.   When it’s your turn in the chair, relax and enjoy the pampering!  If your artist has your full attention, it’ll be an easy and smooth process.


  • Touch it Up – Consult with your artist on what, if any touch up goodies they will supply.  I supply a q-tip (for smudges), an oil blot sheet, mints, and a retractable lip brush pre-loaded with custom mixed color….have your maid of honor carry these in a small evening bag to keep handy should you need them.  Also be sure you know if false lashes are included…I include them for everyone!  Nothing makes eyes pop like falsies.


  • Keep it Fresh – Once your makeup is done, avoid lying down (get your nap in beforehand!) or touching your face and don’t wear sunglasses….they can leave a mark in photos, and also make unflattering indentations your makeup.  If you get oily, use the oil blot sheets to lift off oil without disturbing makeup.  ( I provide the blue Clean and Clear ones…they are a can’t live without product!)

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  • Tears of Joy/ The Right Way to Cry – If you cry happy tears during the ceremony, remember to delicately dab, don’t wipe away tears.  Dabbing will let you absorb the water without disturbing the makeup.  The tears won’t ruin your makeup or lashes, but wiping will.

There are a million details that go into planning your wedding; hopefully these tips will help you plan now, and then enjoy a relaxed and fun day when you’re actually getting ready on wedding day.  There’s something very magical about sitting in an artist’s chair… and emerging looking like the most stunning version of yourself!   Sharing that experience with your best girlfriends is even better….have fun, talk about old times and create new memories.  Laugh together while you get lipstick and lashes!



Thank you so much for your sage advice, Jennifer!  This is good advice for not only the bride, but also bridesmaids or anyone attending a big event.  Please check out Jennifer at, and contact her if you need wedding makeup done! As a makeup snob I highly recommend her!




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