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I have a confession to make:  I am a makeup junkie.  I think it is just too much fun, like art on your face every day.  Because I so enjoy it, I get asked by many brides to help them with their wedding day makeup.  This is why I created Makeup Mondays, a new blog series dedicated to helping brides get the best makeup they can for their wedding day, the best in bridal makeup tips! The goal is to look like the best version of YOU, not like someone else.  This week we will hear from Leighanne Foxworth. Leighanne is a professionals makeup artist who has been in the industry for almost 7 years. She has worked for multiple brands including Stila, Bare Escentuals, and Laura Mercier just to name a few! Her passion is making other women feel confident in themselves and teaching them how to be their own artist. She currently works for a cosmetic luxury brand sharing her tips and tricks with clients in multiple retail locations. Enjoy!
This week for Makeup Monday I would like to discuss communication with your artist. This is a very important aspect of your relationship to ensure you both get the results you are looking for! Read on for details on how to prepare for your appointment and ensure you have a successful experience.

Know What You Want Ahead Of Time

Before meeting with your artist, do your research. Presumably you have chosen your artist based on their body of work. Their style spoke to you, and you could picture yourself with the kind of look that they specialize in. To prepare for your trial / initial meeting, it is best to have inspiration for the look you would like to achieve. Whether it be a photo from their online portfolio they have done before, or a picture you liked on Pinterest, a photo gives a starting off point for discussion with your makeup artist. That being said, understand that this is just a basis for inspiration. The thing about photos of other makeup looks is that your face shape and eye shape is unique to you. The look might translate differently to your skin tone or eye shape. It is important that photos just be used as tools to draw inspiration from, not an expectation to duplicate exactly.

Finding Your Style / Inspiration

When looking for a photo as inspiration for a look, consider your personal style. You might like how a certain celebrity wears a dark smokey eye and heavy contour, but is that you? When deciding on a makeup look, especially for an occasion as important as your wedding day, you want it to reflect your own style. You but better. More glamourous. If you are a girl who typically stays away from bold lipstick shades and prefers plum liner over black, these are things to consider. While you want to look beautiful, you don’t want to look like someone else. The best way to determine your personal style is to consider your daily routine. After that, think about your evening routine. When you go out for ladies night with the girls or date night with your partner, what looks do you gravitate towards? Those should give you a good idea of your style and also your comfort level of drama within your makeup look.

Be Prepared To Answer Your Artist

When first meeting your makeup artist and discussing the look you are going for, he/she will ask you a series of questions to determine what you want. Knowing your style as we discussed above will help with this! The questions will range from what your usual routine is, what colors/style you will be wearing (also consider complimentary colors around you such as bridesmaid dresses and other wedding theme colors), if you have an idea of what look you wanted to go for. Your artist needs to have clear goals so that they can do the best for you! They will also ask how dramatic or soft you would like, this is especially important when referencing a smokey eye. There is a wide range of what is considered a smokey eye and everyone’s definition varies. To achieve the desired look, it is vital to be clear with your answers to your artist.

Speak Up!

While in session with your artist, if at any point you decide you don’t like something or want to go softer or darker, speak up! It is easier to fix an issue in the middle of the process rather than at the very end. Once the lashes are on, it’s hard to turn back. Politely explain to your makeup artist that you would like to soften this or darken that. Make sure to ask politely and not be demanding or harsh. The artist might even explain their process and suggest you check the point of contention in a little while after they finish something. This suggestion might come when they are in the middle of building your smokey eye or blending contour. Both of these processes are multi-step and can look odd at certain points during application until finished. If your artist suggests you wait, trust your artist! They know what they are doing!
If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I can get them along to Leighanne. Thanks for helping us out and making our brides beautiful!