I’ve heard some beauty buffs compare false lashes to a push up bra, giving that extra oomph to your look.  On your wedding you want a lot of good focus on your eyes, not having people thinking you look like Tammy Faye Bakker.  Some of you may not get that reference, but look her up and you’ll understand why that may not be a good look for your wedding.


Many makeup artists suggest that you wear false lashes on your wedding day, but if you aren’t used to wearing them it can be a disaster!  Follow these tips and your will have beautiful lashes that will have people focused on the right thing!


Do A Test Run Several Weeks Beforehand

My guest makeup artists have mentioned this in previous posts, but don’t just have false lashes applied to you on your wedding day and expect them to be perfect. You need to have a full face makeup run before the big day with your makeup artist to make sure they give you exactly what you want, including applying false lashes. That way you can see if you have any negative reaction to the eyelash adhesive, which can make your eyes red, swollen, and runny.  If you are going to cry on your wedding day you certainly don’t want it to be because you are having an allergic reaction.


What Type Of Lash Works Best?

There is more than one type of false lash! There are full strips, double strips, half strips, clusters, and individual lashes.  The full strips are what you would traditionally think, goes from inside the inner corner to the outside of the lateral part of your lashes.  They can be full and some people don’t appreciate the weight on their lashes, and they can be difficult to apply unless you are used to it.  The double lashes are ones that have taken TWO full strips and put them together, so double the volume and length, along with the weight.  Great look, not so great for first time false lash wearers. Half strips are intended to be worn on just the outside of your lashes, just to emphasize the wing of your lashes and doesn’t look overdone. These are my favorite for the first timers!  Clusters are just a few individual lashes clumped together, usually three or four.  They are put individually and provide a very natural look.  Individual lashes are just too time consuming. Don’t even bother!


What Material Works Best?

Today, most false lashes that you buy at a beauty store are made from sanitized and dyed human hair, and can be worn only 2-4 times.  The newest trend in false lashes is using mink hair, which uses cruelty-free mink hair dyed black. These are my favorite!  They are the lightest lashes available, and can be worn when cared for well up to 25 times!  I usually get about 20 uses out of them, which make them less expensive per pair than the drugstore versions.  My preference is Velour Lashes, frequently seen on celebrities.  Just look at the image from the Velour website!  It makes SUCH a difference!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 1.00.12 PM


So… back to the original question – To False Lash or Not To False Lash? The answer is if you can tolerate them well, YES!  You will love the way you look, I promise!