introducing luxury makeup services

Timeless Makeup to Bring Out YOU

When I do someone’s makeup, I don’t cover up.  You are a confident, strong woman who is proud of who she has become, and you don’t need to hide behind a mask to know you are beautiful. I help the outside reflect the inside, helping those see you and not a small blemish. For boudoir sessions at Le Romantique with Christa Elyce, our all female team bring out your enchanting features so that the images are you, amplified. Those whom you show the photos will not say, “That’s an amazing contour”, but rather say, “Your eyes are mesmeric! You look so happy!”



Every hair and makeup session for your wedding, boudoir session, or special event includes the following items:

  • Luxury skincare preparation
  • High end makeup products
  • HD Airbrush foundation
  • Fasle lash application
  • Setting spray to ensure the makeup lasts 12+ hours
  • Sexy curls using professional styling tools and products
  • A happy makeup artist ensuring a great time!

Christa Elyce and Jamie Lewis Artistry Makeup

Jamie Lewis Artistry Boudoir Hair and Makeup Le Romantique


The Most Fun Photoshoot

When Christa and I are a part of your boudoir session, you can guarantee you will have a wonderful time!  We laugh together and put you at ease.  We want this to be the most fun photoshoot you ever have!  You will leave knowing that you ARE amazing, and if you can pull off getting photos taken in lingerie, you can do anything!


Jamie Lewis Artistry Boudoir Hair and Makeup Brittany

Jamie Lewis Artistry Boudoir Makeup Brittany

Book us today for your upcoming wedding, boudoir session, or special event!  Ensure your photos are perfect and you look like YOU.


All boudoir photos are by Christa Elyce of Le Romantique unless otherwise listed