Today I am starting a new series called “From the Archives”, which will be paintings I’ve done but have never had a chance to blog about!

Lost Mission Wedding Texas Live Painting

LostMissionWeddingLiveArtSA2I was commissioned to do a live watercolor painting for a lovely couple at Lost Mission, a stunning wedding venue in Spring Branch, TX, outside of San Antonio.  This was the most organized bride I’ve ever met, and she clearly had great taste!  She was absolutely my ideal client: organized, fun, stylish, sweet!  Yes, the details were stunning and everything was executed perfectly, but what made this wedding memorable was the people.  This was the most fun group of bridesmaids, groomsman, and guests ever!  If you look at the live painting below, you can see that one groomsman has a mustache.  THAT WAS THE THING THE GUESTS WERE THE MOST EXCITED ABOUT.  Apparently, I captured this groomsman’s mustache perfectly, and apparently got his attitude in the small image as well. I was tickled to be a part of such a fun event!


Lost Mission Live Event PaintingI also got such a sweet review from the bride!

“I always like to buy paintings and artwork when I travel to remind myself of the places I’ve been. When I found out there was an option to have a painting done live at my wedding, it seemed like a perfect idea. The painting turned out lovely and the guests at the wedding really enjoyed seeing the progress throughout the reception. It worked out great that Jamie was willing to travel for the ceremony. This is a keepsake that will last forever and be completely unique!”-Cassandra Steffy Aguilar