One of my biggest pet peeves: dirty jewelry.  I am a huge fan of hand washing, but despite the constant scrubbing, my wedding rings and jewelry may be germ free but still look dirty.  I have been a fan of the Something New Jewelry Cleaner for more than six years, and have used it before I got married. I take it with me whenever a friend is getting married because I want to make sure their baubles are sparkling for their big day! My costume and fine jewelry always looks great because of it.

What you’ll need:
Something New Cleaner / Brightener
Jewelry Sonicator or other bowl to hold solution
Something New Polisher
Old Toothbrush (this will be strictly for your jewelry, don’t use this on your teeth afterwards. Trust me.)
Cotton washrag / paper towel
Jewelry that needs to be cleaned

When I am not deep cleaning my jewelry, I let my rings and daily jewelry sit in the sonicator with the pink solution overnight. It makes them look pretty daily, and then I deep clean probably once a month. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section and I will help as best I can. I purchased everything myself. This small company has no idea who I am and did not pay me to do this review, all they know is that I buy stuff from them and they ship it to me.

So how does a watercolor and makeup artist keep their jewelry looking like it just got back from the jewelers? Watch the video to learn how!