Perfect Heirloom Pair

16” x 20” Watercolor portrait of ceremony or venue painted live

16” x 20” Bridal portrait painted beforehand to display at reception

Your live event painting creates an exclusive experience for your guests and heirloom custom artwork to hang in your home. I arrive at the ceremony several hours beforehand to sketch the space and get inspired by the ambiance you have created. As the first guest arrives I lay down color onto the page, interacting with guests, and completing the painting by the end of your reception.  You ensure that your guests are treated to an unforgettable experience by seeing the space around them materialize on paper through vivid color.

The bridal portrait at the reception further complements the luxurious ambiance you have planned. Several weeks before the wedding I start with pictures of your dress, hair, and other accoutrements ; no live sitting session is requited!  From these photographs I create a stunning work depicting the bride in her gown, with special care given to likeness to the bride and details of the dress. This luxury painting showcases the bride’s glamour and timeless elegance that complements the live event painting unfolding before your guests. The live event painting is completed in the studio, framed per your wishes, and delivered by courier at your convenience.  The one-of-a kind representation of you and your wedding will be shared with friends and family for generations to come. You can be assured that your event is extraordinary when you make the choice to commission Jamie Lewis Artistry.

Don’t fight over this heirloom piece with your relatives! Additional hand-painted representations of the ceremony can be commissioned for parents or family after the event, with the same care and detail put into the original.


Legacy Painting

16” x 20” Watercolor portrait of ceremony or venue painted live

Nothing says elegance like live event painting.  For centuries momentous events have been recorded by an artist, and you, too can have custom artwork that will be a legacy. Your guests get to interact with the painting, seeing it develop from blank paper to expressive color, ensuring an unforgettable celebration.  You can be assured that your event is extraordinary when you make the choice to commission Jamie Lewis Artistry.


Thank You Gifts for the Wedding Party

One 8” x 10” Watercolor Portrait of the Bride Painted in the Studio

Two or more 8” x 10” Watercolor Portraits of the Bridesmaid Painted in the Studio

Those standing with you on your wedding day deserve a thoughtful gift that will last a lifetime.  Custom portraits of each of your bridesmaids show your appreciation for their love and support, and forever reminding them of your friendship.  The portraits are individualized to each bridesmaid, displaying her style and personality.  Additionally, the paintings can be created into exclusive, custom stationary for each of your bridesmaids, a truly gracious tribute to their friendship.


Custom Bridal Portrait

8” x 10” Watercolor Bridal Portrait Painted in the Studio

On your most glamorous day, you deserve to be memorialized in a custom artistic portrait.  This custom bridal portrayal can be commissioned as soon as you find your wedding day details, such as gown, hairstyle, and other accessories.  Many of my brides have not even had their final fitting before their painting is completed! At least six hours is put into examining the special items you have chosen for your wedding, capturing you just as beautiful as you are. My fashion-inspired paintings ensure that you will look timeless, chic, and glamorous.  This makes the perfect wedding gift that any bride would be blessed to receive!

Additional sizes are available at request.


Contact me for availability and pricing! Packages start at $1200